Privacy Policy at House of Pokies Casino

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is an in-depth document on the website where users can find out how a certain platform collects, handles, processes, and respects their confidential details. Usually, different online casinos have substantially similar requirements, but there are also some dissimilarities. Today, we’d like to shed light on the Privacy Policy of the – an excellent website for players from all over the world.

In House of Pokies Casino, your personal information and bank account details are under reliable protection. To ensure first-rate functionality, Administration requires your personal and non-personal data.

Personal information comprises all the details that can identify you as an individual. It can be your full name, birthdate, email address, residence, mobile phone number, and payment details. Players usually insert this information during their registration. In addition to the above, this site has legal access to your IP address and geolocation. Different complaints, feedback, suggestions, and reports you send to the support team are also stored in compressed format on the server.

Non-Personal information comprises all the details that cannot identify the player as an individual. It’s about specific information transferred by your device: for example, your language preferences, operational system, browser name, and local time zone.

Now it’s time to figure out why this platform needs your sensitive information. There are many reasons. Firstly, managers use this data to improve your experience on this site and customize their services to your needs. Based on your feedback, customer support agents can resolve pre-existing issues and comfort you.

This platform needs your confidential information to ensure you don’t pursue fraudulent purposes. House of Pokies makes an all-out effort to build an ideal gambling environment where users are well-protected and happy. Scammers don’t belong here. Quite often, this online casino uses your details to ensure you have legitimate gambling rights.

It’s crucial to note that this platform doesn’t distribute your details to any third parties. Even your family members can’t access your private account or find any information about your financial dealings. Your sensitive details can only be shared with the site’s subsidiaries: different companies (and their employees) within the same corporate network. Potential investors or company buyers can also gain access to your private information without the right to disclose it to third parties.

This playground uses advanced SSL encryption to protect your delicate details from outside parties. This up-to-date security protocol safeguards your login credentials, bank account data, and person-related information so unauthorized users cannot interpret and use it. With this casino, your records and money are protected from harm.

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